Sunday, July 3, 2011

Chapter Three

After finding some scrap of food, she pulled on her cloak making sure the hood covers her head. She wrapped her belonging around her waist and tied it up leaving her arms free. She stepped into the brisk cold air, leaving the village behind her as she followed the trails of footsteps into the forest. Time passed as the sun warmed the forest and Aevan. Aevan removed the hood from her head and slowed down. She stood still trying to look around without moving her head and lifting her hands to feel the air as her feet shifts on the ground ready for flight. There was no sounds that gave anyone away but something alerted her. Aevan then relaxed when she realized there is only one person which she figured she can handle on her own. Aevan turned to her left and walked to the tree and looked up and spoke, "I know you are up there, might as well come down." Aevan then walked away waiting for him to climbed down.

As she waited for him to climbed down, she quickly glanced around and prepared herself for danger that he may pose, she saw the rocks and quickly picked them up and placed them upon her bag tied around her waist. She looked up when she heard the thump on the ground.

The boy smiled at her sheepishly. "How did you know I was up there? I swore I didn't make any noise." He asked her. Her eyebrow only rose as she folded her arms. Then she shrugged, "I just knew." Despite his confusion and something was not right about her, he smiled. Silence took over as both refuse to take the lead of politeness of introduction. He did not like the stare from that girl, he have never met a girl who can be content of simply being silent. It was his turn to shift his feet as he waited for her to make demands.

Watching him, she assessed whether or not he is any danger to her. She ignored his impatience for her to speak as she looked for his skills besides his climbing and being quiet. Deciding that she will know more later, she finally broke the silence and hid her smirk as he gave out quiet sigh when his chest dropped. "Did you see anyone walking this way?" pointing to the path as she asked him.

He nodded. "Last night they were travelling this way." He pointed the direction. He heard her sniffling. "Your family taken?" He asked her. She nodded. He frowned, "You are not trying to rescue them are you?"

Her chin went higher and said, "So what if I am? I will hurt you if you try to stop me!" she threatened him. (sorry, I need to stop here I'm tired)