Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Chapter Four - "Internship?"

"So, any extra homework due tomorrow?" she asked.
Her friend shrugged, "Well he did say we are to read chapter 21 for tomorrow because we are to have short quiz."
She slumped in the booth not happy about any forms of test.
After they placed money and tips on the table they got up and walked out of the diner. After they waved byes and promises they went home.

She snuggled in bed preparing to read chapter 21 in her textbook. She yawned and the words jumped out at her, "Ring Around The Rosies Plague." This should be interesting, she thought to herself as she learned more about the plague and history behind it. Thirty minutes later she yawned again and turned her night lamp off as she prepare for sleep.

Everything appears misty white and gray, she couldn't see where she is going but could see people passing by not seeing her. She felt doom and as if people should be scared but by looking at their white face they aren't seeing things. Just walking. Then she saw a beautiful woman dressed in 1880s standing by the bridge...

She woke up with the last scene strong in her mind. She turned over and hit the snooze button and got up from the bed. "At least it isn't scary dream this time," she dryly chuckled to herself. She got dressed and gathered her stuff.

She walked in and sat down in the desk.
"Pssst! Are we still up to it?" asked her friend.
She turned to her right and nodded yes to her friend and then whispered, "When?"
The professional started passing the quizes to the class. Her friend could not respond because the professional came to their row passing the papers.
"As the class should know, we are having pop quiz right now and I expect all of you to pass it. It only has ten questions."
The room became dead silence only of paper rustling and pencil scribbling and tapping on desks.
After all the papers were passed to front and gathered, the professional started speaking about internship. "As you know we need three more students and the deadline is today. Come to me after class if you are interested in this intership. We will be going to Europe to expeirenced the history firsthand." The professional then droned on in lecture.
After an hour and half, the class were finally over and students rushed to leave as she and her friend struggled their way toward professional's desk.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Chapter Three - "The Diner"

"Them?" she thought to herself as she looked at her coworker and the baby she's holding in her arm.
"Aren't you in hurry?" asked her coworker.
"Oh..Right right, I better go! Bye!" as she quickly left the room with puzzled look on her face as she tried to remember what she has to do urgently.
After gothering her stuff from her locker she flipped her phone and speed dialed her friend.
After a fifth ring a laughing voice answered, "Hello?"
She sighed in relief, for this day has become too tensed for her.
"So what did I missed?" she asked.
"Besides that droning voice that can knock the fly out from ceiling?"
She rolled her eyes as she said, "yeah, besides that!"
"Well he said that we have internship coming up for two months! And only three people will get picked."
Mouth agoged, "What? That's so awesome! Where to?"
"Why don't you come over and I will hand you that flyer?"
"Where you at?"
"I'm at The Diner."
They hung up the phone.
Twenty minutes later she walked in the diner and saw her friend waving. She quickly went to the table and sat down grabbing the menu and tried to settled down which was hard because she is excited. The waitress came up asking, "Is everything alright?" After our smiles and quick nods, she proceeded by taking our drink order.
While looking over the menu, she asked, "So...tell me more about this internship?"
Her friend slide the flyer across to her as she looked down and read "Openings : 3 slots left, going to europe and have classes on field!" She quickly looked up from the middle of the flyer and smiled. Her friend's eyes twinkled back. "So should we go?"
"Oh yes! Lets go, indeed!"

Friday, October 10, 2008

Chapter Two - "Daycare"

"What's tha matter? Scared?" snickered that voice again.
She quickly looked at each child's face as she stepped into the gap. Each one looked to her to begin this innocent dance. As she looked, each one looked backed to her. She has not yet be able to determined if the voice came from her mind or one of the children were possessed. For she knew each one of them by heart and not one of them belonged to that sadistic voice.
"Ring around the rosie..." she began. The children quickly joined in with their loud voices as they moved in circle.

Across the room sat in high chair was this toothy grin child of eerily gray eyes. Watching them,-her, playing ring around the rosie.
After third round of that game the parents started coming by to pick their children. She noticed someone was coming in late to pick up the newcomer. The one with pale gray eyes. She felt tap on her shoulder and she turned around to her coworker.
"Its alright, I have been taking care of them. I will wait here so you can go home."

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Chapter One - "Ring Around The Rosies"

None of the Pictures are mine.
In the midst of foggy night thru the woods on black ground there stood six children in form of circle holding hands slowly moving the circle but jerkly changes directions. Constantly and unexpectedly. Then eerily a sad young voice singing a well known nursery song in low tone.

"Riiing ARound ARooosIES!"
"PocKet AFull of PooosIES!"
"AsHES! (Quick pause) AsHES!"
"We all fall Doooown" lorn voice faints away on last word.

She gasps as she jerk awake upon the last word in her dream. "Now I muat be studying too much history this week," she tought smirking. As she quickly review her dream she brushed aside the foreboding feeling upon the song and the twitching children. She rolled to her side and glared thru her eyes to see the clock. 7AM. She groans and wondered if she should skip class today or suffer thru her teacher droning voice. Or she could go straight to work at childcare even though little bit early, okay, okay one hour early...sheesh.

She sat in chair and held the book for children to see. They shouted as they saw its mother goose book. They thrived on her skills of making storylines coming alive.
After she finished with Humpsty and His Fall. It was time for activity, she asked the class on what nursery rhymes would they like to act out.
"Ring Around Rosies!" a small voice shouted. Quicky they formed a group leaving a gab for her to take place and looked at her expectedly.
She frowned at this seemly innocent request for this has hit too close to home for her comfort. Her mind working, accessing the situation to deem it safe and feel little foolish or change the choice and feel even more foolish later.