Chapter two of new story

Lights travelled before the sun rose, touching Aevan’s face as she winced.  She peeked through her eyelid trying to remember where she is.  She sat up and stretched as the events what happened night before went through her mind.  “Now I remembered.” Aevan said to herself.  She stood with blankets wrapped around her, not moving as she tried to decide what her options were.  Aevan moved closer the wall and looked through the crack.  As far as her eye could see, the ground is white, with pillows on branches and air heavy with clouds.  “Strange, I have heard such things happening but never here.” Aevan thought.  She turned to the box she has discarded the day before when she was so focused on the dresses.  She picked it up and untied the ribbons.  Inside were written papers.  Aevan groaned, she cannot read very well.  Shrugging, she took the top letter and opened it.  Aevan began to read:
There is storm in south coming this way.  Lies and betrayals surround me.  Is there no one I  can trust?  I used to trust so many, now that my eyes had been opened I no longer can believe in things I have seen before.  I have learned so much about greed,…
Aevan stopped, this placed stress upon her.  As much as she wants to stop, she felt the need to keep reading, no matter how long this will take her.
…greed and honor.  No matter, I have written this letter to let you know where I stand now.  I’m full of anguish and losing hopes.  In this box I have left behind the diary written by me.  I ask you to read this diary so you can learn what I have learned. 
Aevan wanted to stop reading because she surely do not want to read further than the letter in her hand.  Sadly reading the letter is only escape from her problems.
Despites of all things happening around me, and I’m no longer the same person as I am before.  Nevertheless, I’m throwing my hopes among the stars by asking you to come and find me.  I do not know who you are but I beg of you to search for me.  I cannot do this alone anymore.  I have learned to rely only on myself but now I realized I need help of others. 
Aevan dropped paper down, staring at the paper in aghast.  “No way, I read that right!” Aevan exclaimed.  After taking few deep breath, she bent over and picked the letter and start rereading slowly again.
After travelling across many lands, I have learned so much.  This is when I realized I need help of others.  Again, I ask of you to find me.  This is your duty to your country.  If you do not come and find me no matter how you find means to do so, then all is lost. 
That’s the end of the letter.  Aevan looked for more of writing or names.  No locations were mentioned.  Aevan then spoke to the letter, “How am I supposed to help you without any hints of where you are?” Realizing that Aevan doesn’t have much choice in what she is going to do in near future, she decided to at least try.  Deciding to read the diary later, she took out the big material that is same size of the blanket she is wearing.  She laid it down and placed all of her clothing onto it.  Deciding against changing into her own dress, she kept one she wore on because it provided more warmth than all of her dresses together.  She laid the box of diaries on top of her clothes.  Pausing, she looked inside the box to see if she needs to take anything else.  Sighing, she realized that she does need to be prepared and pushing away her feeling of guilt, she packed weapons as well as boots among few clothing.  Aevan tied it up in certain ways that she can carry on her back without needing her hands to hold it.  She shifted the blanket on herself to ensure it won’t drag on ground and slip off.  Aevan then placed the bag onto her back.   Walking to the door, she pondered on where to go.  Remembering what she heard when she came inside the barn.  “What goes down, must go up.” Aevan muttered to herself.  All the sudden, she stood up straighter and felt herself smiling, “I know! I should go opposite where my village lay,” laughed Aevan.  She went outside and is glad that it is not windy.  She closed the doors and walked around the barn heading away from her village.  If it weren’t for the coldness, Aevan would just daze at the beauty around her.  “What a new place I feel like I am in!” exclaimed Aevan.  To her, she felt like this place holds magic waiting to be discovered.   Soon, the mist lifted up but the sun still has not shown her face.  After her legs started to ache with muscle straining of long walk, she at last saw village ahead of her.  With food on her mind due to her stomach reminders, Aevan decided to eat as very first thing to do once she enter the village. 
As she neared to the village, her body went on alert without her knowing why.  Aevan slowed down, walking carefully and quietly as she could, she took in her surroundings.  Finally she realized what something is wrong, things are too still.  The streets are empty.  Her hunger pains forgotten, she sneaked behind the booths as she navigates her way around.  Hearing sounds, she guided herself carefully toward to the location where the sounds of people were made.  As she arrived to the location, keeping herself hidden, Aevan watched.  Sadness and confusion filled inside her.  The village people have been gathered together against their will.  So many villagers, it seems impossible that this village is that huge.  When her eyes lay upon her parents, she felt as if her breath were taken away.  Aevan almost jumped out to fight the warriors that were holding her parents captive.   After thinking a bit, she realized that she would be no help if she acts upon her impulse.  It was hard for her to witness of such wrongdoings being done to innocent people.  Aevan felt her heart sank and tears burned her eyes and throat.  Watching soldiers treating them as cattle, Aevan quietly sneaked away to avoid being caught.  Not wanting them out of her sight, she climbed the tree without making any sounds.  She reached out toward to the roof and carefully moved her way toward to top to peek over.  Long after they had left, long after silenced took control over the area; the reality of her being on her own slowly sank into her mind.  Numbed from what she has seen and yet made no understanding of whys, Aevan closed her eyes and breathe deeply before she climbed down.  Walking slowly toward the center of it all, she took in the damages done to the buildings.  Lights are slowly fading as night is approaching on.  Knowing it will be too cold for her to be left exposed to night cold air, she decided to stay behind and let them go far ahead of her.  Sighing with awful feelings, she turned to one of homes and made herself home for the night.  She stopped in her movements and fell to her knees trying not to cry anymore as she felt pains.  Closing her eyes, she tilted her head back.  She clenched her hands into fists in anger and confusion.  Aevan then shook her head knowing that none of this will help her.  She climbed into bed and tried to sleep.  Aevan wished she could gain some knowledge and peace as her mind is very troubled.  After long time, Aevan finally fell asleep. 
Aevan woke up to the pain of hunger inside her belly.  She curled up in the ball cradling herself waiting for the pains to pass.  Her neck tightened as her pain rose.  Soon she felt better as she got off the bed.  Aevan went to kitchen and searched for food.  All she could find is apple peels.  Frowning at this, she decided to chew them as she gathered her things and left the place.  Her stomach taking over the command has sent her to search in other homes as well.  All she could find were an apple and a potato.