Friday, October 10, 2008

Chapter Two - "Daycare"

"What's tha matter? Scared?" snickered that voice again.
She quickly looked at each child's face as she stepped into the gap. Each one looked to her to begin this innocent dance. As she looked, each one looked backed to her. She has not yet be able to determined if the voice came from her mind or one of the children were possessed. For she knew each one of them by heart and not one of them belonged to that sadistic voice.
"Ring around the rosie..." she began. The children quickly joined in with their loud voices as they moved in circle.

Across the room sat in high chair was this toothy grin child of eerily gray eyes. Watching them,-her, playing ring around the rosie.
After third round of that game the parents started coming by to pick their children. She noticed someone was coming in late to pick up the newcomer. The one with pale gray eyes. She felt tap on her shoulder and she turned around to her coworker.
"Its alright, I have been taking care of them. I will wait here so you can go home."


Holly and Dan said...

Why are you making the demon voice belong to a little baby? You're horrible! I wonder who the baby belongs to? An eerily handsome widower? Hmmm

Lynette News said...

You sure are jumping in conclusions...haven't ya noticed I didn't flat out point fingers? Hmm? Hmm? And really what scary story comes with romance?? You crack me up....eerily handsome widower? Isn't that oxymoron?
I'm surprised at you are saying that we need a romance in this story? Hmm...depends on where this story far my muse says nope.