Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Chapter One - "Ring Around The Rosies"

None of the Pictures are mine.
In the midst of foggy night thru the woods on black ground there stood six children in form of circle holding hands slowly moving the circle but jerkly changes directions. Constantly and unexpectedly. Then eerily a sad young voice singing a well known nursery song in low tone.

"Riiing ARound ARooosIES!"
"PocKet AFull of PooosIES!"
"AsHES! (Quick pause) AsHES!"
"We all fall Doooown" lorn voice faints away on last word.

She gasps as she jerk awake upon the last word in her dream. "Now I muat be studying too much history this week," she tought smirking. As she quickly review her dream she brushed aside the foreboding feeling upon the song and the twitching children. She rolled to her side and glared thru her eyes to see the clock. 7AM. She groans and wondered if she should skip class today or suffer thru her teacher droning voice. Or she could go straight to work at childcare even though little bit early, okay, okay one hour early...sheesh.

She sat in chair and held the book for children to see. They shouted as they saw its mother goose book. They thrived on her skills of making storylines coming alive.
After she finished with Humpsty and His Fall. It was time for activity, she asked the class on what nursery rhymes would they like to act out.
"Ring Around Rosies!" a small voice shouted. Quicky they formed a group leaving a gab for her to take place and looked at her expectedly.
She frowned at this seemly innocent request for this has hit too close to home for her comfort. Her mind working, accessing the situation to deem it safe and feel little foolish or change the choice and feel even more foolish later.


Marsha said...

Good job. Sounds like something my 3 older kids would enjoy hearing. Illustrate your story with some drawings. I am always pushing the envelope huh?

Lynette News said...

Ha Ha Ha, yeah like you always do. I'm afraid I don't know anyone who have scanner so I will have to be creative with my camera or internet pictures.

Holly and Dan said...

Ooh spooky. Just in time for Halloween. Who was the little voice who suggested ring around the rosie at the daycare? Very intriguing. I want more!

Also, good job with your imagery and description1