Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Chapter Four - "Internship?"

"So, any extra homework due tomorrow?" she asked.
Her friend shrugged, "Well he did say we are to read chapter 21 for tomorrow because we are to have short quiz."
She slumped in the booth not happy about any forms of test.
After they placed money and tips on the table they got up and walked out of the diner. After they waved byes and promises they went home.

She snuggled in bed preparing to read chapter 21 in her textbook. She yawned and the words jumped out at her, "Ring Around The Rosies Plague." This should be interesting, she thought to herself as she learned more about the plague and history behind it. Thirty minutes later she yawned again and turned her night lamp off as she prepare for sleep.

Everything appears misty white and gray, she couldn't see where she is going but could see people passing by not seeing her. She felt doom and as if people should be scared but by looking at their white face they aren't seeing things. Just walking. Then she saw a beautiful woman dressed in 1880s standing by the bridge...

She woke up with the last scene strong in her mind. She turned over and hit the snooze button and got up from the bed. "At least it isn't scary dream this time," she dryly chuckled to herself. She got dressed and gathered her stuff.

She walked in and sat down in the desk.
"Pssst! Are we still up to it?" asked her friend.
She turned to her right and nodded yes to her friend and then whispered, "When?"
The professional started passing the quizes to the class. Her friend could not respond because the professional came to their row passing the papers.
"As the class should know, we are having pop quiz right now and I expect all of you to pass it. It only has ten questions."
The room became dead silence only of paper rustling and pencil scribbling and tapping on desks.
After all the papers were passed to front and gathered, the professional started speaking about internship. "As you know we need three more students and the deadline is today. Come to me after class if you are interested in this intership. We will be going to Europe to expeirenced the history firsthand." The professional then droned on in lecture.
After an hour and half, the class were finally over and students rushed to leave as she and her friend struggled their way toward professional's desk.


Holly and Dan said...

Hmm, go to Europe, huh? I wonder if there will be a dashing earl or viscount with a haunted mansion? Hee hee.

Love ya!

Marsha said...

I am with Holly,

Is there going to be a dashing young man that is out of her class. There has to be an ill fated love somewhere.