Saturday, October 11, 2008

Chapter Three - "The Diner"

"Them?" she thought to herself as she looked at her coworker and the baby she's holding in her arm.
"Aren't you in hurry?" asked her coworker.
"Oh..Right right, I better go! Bye!" as she quickly left the room with puzzled look on her face as she tried to remember what she has to do urgently.
After gothering her stuff from her locker she flipped her phone and speed dialed her friend.
After a fifth ring a laughing voice answered, "Hello?"
She sighed in relief, for this day has become too tensed for her.
"So what did I missed?" she asked.
"Besides that droning voice that can knock the fly out from ceiling?"
She rolled her eyes as she said, "yeah, besides that!"
"Well he said that we have internship coming up for two months! And only three people will get picked."
Mouth agoged, "What? That's so awesome! Where to?"
"Why don't you come over and I will hand you that flyer?"
"Where you at?"
"I'm at The Diner."
They hung up the phone.
Twenty minutes later she walked in the diner and saw her friend waving. She quickly went to the table and sat down grabbing the menu and tried to settled down which was hard because she is excited. The waitress came up asking, "Is everything alright?" After our smiles and quick nods, she proceeded by taking our drink order.
While looking over the menu, she asked, "So...tell me more about this internship?"
Her friend slide the flyer across to her as she looked down and read "Openings : 3 slots left, going to europe and have classes on field!" She quickly looked up from the middle of the flyer and smiled. Her friend's eyes twinkled back. "So should we go?"
"Oh yes! Lets go, indeed!"


Marsha said...

So far it is really good. I love the pictures. I knew you could be more creative.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynette,

I'm digging your story. Did you take the picture of the diner booth? Cool.


Lynette News said...

No I didn't. None of pictures are mine. I borrowed them from internet.